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Make your own self tape kit by using what I use.  Here are links to all the stuff I purchased!


I use the newest iPhone because it has 256GB of storage compared to the model before it which has only 128GB. More space means you won't have to worry about running out of room halfway through your best take. It also has iMovie on it. I can tape, edit, and add to dropbox to send in no time. WAY easier than driving someplace and feeling restricted in time. Some people say don't use your phone. What they mean is don't make it look and sound shitty on your shitty phone. So if you're going to use your phone, keep reading below. And make sure you get 256 GB. I have booked off of self tapes and those self tapes were done on my phone. 

Mic: $13.00

*UPDATED* I like this mic because it's cheap, it works great, and it has and extra super long chord, and it plugs right into your iPhone. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a take and having the mic pull on you and take you out. You MUST wear a mic. Otherwise the person reading with you will be much louder than you and that sucks.

Lighting Arrangement:

If you need / want professional help setting up your lighting for one or multiple setups, you can email Jesse at

Lighting $169 updated 4/18/2020 --Don't buy one on amazon. i purchased one on amazon and it started smoking. 

If you do nothing else, get this ring light. Some people prefer a soft box but I got a ring light because Jesse’s middle name is Lumen because his dad is a gaffer and Jesse said ring light for travel and convenience. Once you are booking a lot, you’ll likely be working out of state and will have taped audition requests while you shoot. This light is small enough to fit on a carry on. It’s also got a dimmer on it which makes it ideal for changing the mood of your audition. (Brighter for comedy. Darker for drama.) It’s also great to have a light for evening taped auditions. Before I got this light I would have to get up at 7am to tape an audition before my in-person audition at 10am. With a ring light, I can get a set tape at 6:30pm, tape it that night, and then be done with it. I tried ordering a cheaper one on amazon and smoke started coming out of it when I turned it on sooooo... shop at Samy's.  

iPhone tripod/ringlight adapter

You will need an attachment mount to hold your iPhone when you self tape. I use this one. It screws into your tripod camera mount.  

Light stand

I recommend a super tall light stand because you never want to be shot from below unless you are TRYING to look terrible.  Even if you are a tiny little lady, go tallest because you may get asked to tape for someone who is 6'4".  It’s always better to have height and not need it than to need it and not have it.This is a two for one deal but to get one is two dollars more. So buy this and share, or have an extra!

Camera ring light attachment

!!!UPDATED!! You have to have this weird little ball attachment to attach the ring light to your iPhone camera mount so you can tilt it up and down. 

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