There are two private film makers that I recommend. They each do about 1 reel a month give or take and they cost somewhere between $3,000-$5,000 for three full scenes. The cost for these reels include writing, casting, shooting, editing, sound mixing, and giving wardrobe examples. Costs that can bring the total closer to five grand are makeup and hair, specialty location i.e. hospital, and any specific wardrobe necessities such as 'cop uniform' or 'period garment'. 

Take a look at their footage and if one of them strikes your fancy, feel free to email me with the subject line "reel footage" and let me know which one of the film makers you would like the contact info for. Both of these film makers only do reels for actors that come through me. This is part of the reason I do not give their information out.

(A note about multi-cam/comedy: I really recommend not trying to shoot multi-cam. I have very rarely seen it work. It takes studio level money to do multi-cam correctly. It takes a ton of lights to make something look that beautiful and also that flat. Editing, shooting, and executing comedy is very challenging. That's why there are so few multi-cams even at the studio level. What I do recommend is doing comedic characters within a dramedy or procedural drama. What you are really trying to showcase is that you are funny and can do funny characters. But the quality of the footage is important. I'm afraid the only thing that actually says "put me in front of a live studio audience" is actual multi-cam credits and some regular performing in comedy around town. But to show that you are hilarious, a comedic character in a hospital show, 1/2 SVOD dramedy, a cooky character in a procedural, all work perfectly well.)

Film Maker 1 Example A

Film Maker 1 Example B

Film Maker 2 Example A

Film Maker 2 Example B

There are two other people I recommend but one is an actress and she's quite busy auditioning at the moment. If you are looking to do just one or two scenes, I recommend Rock Your Reel.  They are the only company I know that I can recommend for doing individual scenes.